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Hello Everyone, my name is Jay Johnson and thank you so much for taking out the time to visit this site and search out additional information regarding Wake Up Now. In case you haven’t, let’s go into a quick basic breakdown of everything the company offers.


The Wake Up Now Company (WUN) is based out of Orem, Utah, They have an A rating with the BBB Association with no open complaints with the Federal Trade Commission. WUN is releasing its premium HUB that finds customers the cheapest deal of about any retail item on Earth. Its like having all the special deals of vacations, clothes, electronics, food, all in your back pocket! Wake Up Now pays out an amazing compensation like none other to their Independent Business Owners. Independent Business Owners earn money by purchases of free customers, and recruitment of other IBO’s.


Wake Up Now is rapidly changing the way people are looking at working from home and buying retail online. Even though (WUN) offers amazing services, their ground-breaking referral plan is helping many people of all walks of life with their dream of working from home and being their own boss. 


Its time to enjoy the Hub Life!


Here is a brief message from the CEO of Wake Up Now


– Kirby Cochran





As a bonus, Here are a list of things you get if you Join WakeUpNow from this site:

1. Your own Marketing Website
2. Video and PDF Resources about the company
3. Access to Automated Funnels to help you market
4. Wake Up Now Visa Debit Card that can be used anywhere
5. Ability to be able to earn at least $100,000 per month
6. Access to my new members only team training as a bonus
7. Weekly Trainings with a Top Internet Marketer
8. Access to Our Private WakeUpNow Team Facebook Group
9. Facebook and YouTube Syndication Team Training
10. Brand New Instagram Training for Team Members



When You Sign Up As A Business Owner, You Have Access To All The Wake Up Now Services Below:


WUN Vacation Club- Up To 80% OFF



Perhaps one of the most attractive offerings is the fact that every Member (IBO) gets 10 weeks of discounted vacation. Our vacation package is a little different than others in that there are no black out dates, and no timeshare presentations, and only a small one time fee to customers. Each customer sale made by an IBO is counted as 90 Volume for that month. See Compensation plan below.


But seeing is believing…Here are the real time prices for resorts booked 60 days out:



Did I mention that those prices are for an entire week stay?  There are many great deals to choose from, plus you have your own Wake Up Now travel agent to make sure you get the cheapest prices and all information regarding your travel.


The Vacation Club truly blows out all competition. There is a one time activation of $100 and you have hundreds of cheap vacations in your back pocket!




Wake Up Now is not only just a savings club, they have a lot more amazing services. They provide software solutions to help people better their life. Included in the Wake Up Now membership are the following software products that can change the way you live your life:



More Wake Up Now Services



Stop leaving money on the table.

Taxbot is one-touch tax relief designed to make it EASY to save thousands on your taxes. The mobile app and online system help save you time, effort, and money. With taxbot, you can:

  • Track business mileage automatically with GPS
  • Store receipts quickly by simply taking a picture with your phone
  • Eliminate paperwork and save time by combining expenses and trips
  • Sync all your records securely in the cloud – ready whenever you need them




    The Tell Me More language learning program will enable you to master the foreign language of your choice. This award winning program is the most comprehensive and interactive program available, giving you the most complete and extensive way to learn a language from the comfort of your own home.




Subscribers have access to a host of corporate discounts, like savings of up to 22% from AT&T and Verizon calling plans just for being a part of Wake Up Now . See AT&T or Verizon for specific terms and conditions related to corporate discounts.




A leader in digital protection, Invisus products gives you peace of mind by protecting you and your assets from identity theft and other digital threats. The Invisus protection package includes Cyberhood Watch—online security alerts; iDefend—ID theft protection monitoring of over 1,000 databases; and the iSafe Secure PC Makeover—offering end-to-end security checkups and cleanups by certified technicians. With this service, if your computer have a virus, you can call their hotline for removal services.


Finance is a Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool, full of rich features that give you a clear and simple overview of your finances. Stop guessing where your money goes and get control. From creating a budget to automatically tracking monthly spending, take the stress out of your finances and get peace of mind.


Your WakeUpNow membership includes access to the Newsstand. You can choose from over 150 magazine titles to have sent directly to your home. Enjoy the monthly surprise of a fresh, new magazine (or 2, or 3) in your mailbox.


The days of clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper are over. WakeUpNow Grocery lets you quickly search, find, and use manufacturer coupons so you can save more money on your groceries. Enjoy the same great coupons with none of the paper cuts.


Who doesn’t love free stuff? WakeUpNow FREE! is an enormous collection of products, samples, and overstock items that can be ordered totally free. There are literally dozens of new products added every week. So take advantage of companies wanting to promote their products, and order whatever you want. After all, it’s FREE!



With Teamwork and Effort, This Simple Payout Diagram is POWERFUL!



Honestly, making money with Wake Up Now is pretty simple. Let’s keep it basic for the moment. To become an (IBO) is a membership fee of $99. If you enroll 3 people into Wake Up Now, your monthly membership is 100% completely covered.When those 3 referrals enroll 3 people each, you are making $600/m residual income. Of course there are more earning opportunities to increase your monthly income and have you on your way to leaving your 9-5.

Also, what’s so great about starting October 1st, an IBO will be able to sign up customers for free to shop in the Marketplace and those purchases will count as volume to increase that IBO’s ranks below.




Wake Up Now Compensation Proof






You may have never really encountered the concept of teamwork in MLM before, but that is truly what has been accomplished with Wake Up Now.  This is how our team works.  Once you have 3 people underneath you, you help them get their 3 and we all work together as a team to accomplish the task.


I understand that recruiting is difficult for some people, and as a team we are here to help everyone fill their downline, as long as everyone is putting in an effort. The goal is to make sure that your monthly fee is 100% covered by your Wake Up Now residual income.

The only requirement is that you stick with it.  This will allow everyone to earn substantial income with Wake Up Now.  I know that making any business decision is a big deal and you want to make sure that there is more than 1 person seeing success. When you join if you have Facebook, we will add you to all our secret groups with many people in high ranks ready to help you build your residual income!




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